My collages and their derivatives allow me to "write" about the world. A world not resigned and considered every day as "contemporary". Moreover, these are all "tests" that each have their own DNA and, it seems to me that in contemporary art, everyone is empowered to take part in "confrontation".

Con-fron-ta-tion ... it is above all "with AND in front". But also, to put in presence with each other, to examine two things at the same time in order to check if they go together and do not agree around a single fact.

The stylistic test is that of testing your means, of exercising your own grammar and of going beyond it by trying to open new doors. How many things can we actually create? A ! Of them ? Three at most?

All this to state that I like to react to what is going on around us. Confrontations consist of reactions to external factors introduced into my production.
My goal with these experiments being to shake up a choice of my works through style exercises such as "De - Re: Contextualization", or even through imposed constraints such as the obligation to use very small glasses. glasses; or the confrontations with the works of contemporary artists, which are then the beginnings of collective works; or confrontations with the architectures of cities, with major crises or with schools of thought… Confrontations are to Art what white blood cells are to blood.