Project A4.21 Studio in Rome
Located a stone's throw from the Colosseum in Rome, in the Celio district, in a welcoming courtyard sharing other creative activities, A4.21Studio wants to be both the place of my production as a workshop, and the place where the activities will take place. of the Cultural Association A4.21 Studio in Rome: Possibility of temporary workshop sharing between artists, original programming of invitations and exhibitions of artists in various forms of collective works, as well as other types of activities cultural.

Collective works project and A4.21 Studio

In order to make the best use of the relationship between production and distribution, anti-Covid 2020 containment and the use of social networks, creation and exchange, artists and audiences, it was designed for the location of A4.21Studio from 2021 to create, put in place and develop two joint modalities of collective works. It will in fact be more "creative methods" to show and interweave the works of artists than strictly speaking of production and realization of a program for the purpose of a collective work.

It will be a question here of a kind of “expositive narrations” in relation to the potential of the location of A4.21 Studio, the studio of the artist Michel Pellaton and the invitation of artists through a FRAMEWORK and a CAFFETIERE.