Currency Collages
I have always used genuine banknotes in my collages. They allow me to talk about the desires they embody, but also the sacrifice they represent by being diverted from their initial use as a medium of exchange. This series is also a follow-up to my study of monetary economics. Finally, because it is one of the "exemplary" anthropological objects of our societies through its uses, highly technical visual processes, and not only - since we also speak of "value".

My 1st series of Monetary Collages (which would later become Confrontations) began in 1995, in reaction to the communication campaign for the launch of new banknotes by the Swiss National Bank (SNB), with the theme: Culture. It gave rise to cooperation with academics as well as exchanges with the Swiss National Bank (SNB) of Bern, before being acquired by a specialist in the field.
The passage to the 21st century marks a new series of collages: that of Confrontations, putting into perspective the excessiveness of skyscrapers in our urban and media space. It was during an evening at a table with friends that I started to fold banknotes, also deciding to "produce" skyscrapers, which can only be built with monumental monetary movements. .
From this series, derive aphorisms rather around the banknote than on Architecture: universal "Image - object", the most reproduced in the world, secure, is not the banknote one of the condensed versions of the contemporary image?

In addition, many of my projects are still in the sketching stage. Is there any point in producing them without “the credit to exhibit them”? - C.Q.F.D.

Collage monétaire Parcours d'obstacle, 2019, 24 x 33 cm