My collage practice often comes up against the constraint of materials: installing mostly fragile papers requires particular precautions. Reproduction, like its corollaries recycling or even the digitization of images, are part of my reflection.

At the start of the 21 st century, does the reproducible, multipliable and digitized image constitute a collage? My interest isn't just limited to making other images. Of course, I produce new images, but my approach is closer to that of the linguist or even the anthropologist, in the sense that I work on the contexts and the "traceability" of images, in order to provoke new relationships. . This leads me to develop de-multiplications, micro-installations, as well as 2D and 3D collage enlargements. I have chosen to preserve the composition of some of my small-format collages by enlarging them and retouching certain details. It’s a way of quoting myself, but it allows me to communicate what I have to say about the world with more "visibility".