Impressions of Visitors

For some time, I have been working on a theme that is both too simple and too complex: clouds. This theme or this approach interests me becuase of what I’ve already explained elsewhere, the possibilities of drawing, painting or evolving both between and within, without top or bottom or left or right, by seeing or in the fog.

Impressions of Visitors is in some ways the opposite of Impressions of Africa by Raymond Roussel. There is play and exercise in style, there is also a desire to go beyond the line, but not by the band, but by the margins: These outdoor spaces left free, contiguous to the borders.
My frame formats become large, supremacist, without real right angles. Aesthetics guides them, but to the extent that we manage to imagine ourselves in large spaces. Their motifs for now are cloudscapes. They are produced in parallel with the Stalagnautes series and integrate my other current objective, which is to show places through forms or created works, such as my spheres, called Oblò, from elsewhere.

Whatever the approach, these works are extensive in their dimensions and formats, each time painted differently, and perfectly play their visual role of broadening our view by drawing our gaze to another gaze soliciting us.