Oblò or the worlds of worlds
To date, I have produced around fifteen spherical oblò, funded by the Swiss patron M.T.

I named them Oblò for the sound of this word, as well as for the oval shape of its letters, but also its meaning in Italian: Oblò means "porthole": an opening that is made in the hull of ships to let the day.

The Oblò is potentially "The Other Everything".

Each prototype differs according to the materials or objects used: fish leathers for watch straps, costume feathers, upholstery nails, natural foams, paint, etc.… and pushes me further into new “Face to Face”.
This series was born from my confrontation with Design. In this manufactured "architecture of objects", with clean shapes, which forges our daily life as well as our gaze, I focused on one of the purest and most fascinating forms, but which in nature remains imperfect: the sphere. While being abstract and aesthetic, the sphere is "purely" mathematical - it constitutes a good cornerstone for a confrontation between Art and Design.

If there really are boundaries between Art and Design, you might as well approach them. This is my contemporary way of practicing collage. In addition, I have already produced a series of Confrontations on Digital, Architecture and Money.
What happens when we suspend in parallel in the same space, an Oblò then a design object? This Oblò thus suspended multiplies its capacities to "communicate" through this giant pupil which seems to see and "understand" everything . On a daily basis, its “incarnation” in the space of a place arouses in particular reflection by generating fictional potentialities of what “the meeting between a future and ourselves” could be, or even a need to perceive the space. from the “inside - outside”.

This series also echoes the essays by Alexandra Midal and Nicolas Nova, as well as the Trilogy of Spheres by German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk.

Signs and letters at the same time, the Oblò are “extra-collages”.