RELATIONSHIP TO SPACES - How far are we evolving in volumes?
My grammar of collage as well as my interest in the question of “contexts” make me consider combinatorics and installations as neighbors. Indeed, in my practice, space becomes both an object, an image as well as a referent.
In relation to space and “installations” in general, in the past and for reasons that are often practical, I have designed some of my works in small 3D spaces in the form of “micro-installations”: Kind of prototypes to enlarge. On the other hand, I also grouped collages-objects on walls or in places like one would write sentences.In summary, for me: Large or small, front and back, only different by means and inputs of reading convened.

From my most recent work on spheres; objects and spaces become as if organic in relation to each other. My approach has completely taken a form of organic evolution open to the outside. Even though different means, as I continue to use images and objects, I am somewhere close to dance or the performing arts, or an astronaut in open space. My approach thus allows me to respond more freely to what is not yet or to the uncertainties of our time.
This is why I will no longer talk about installations as such, and will focus even more in the future on questions of means and collaborations in order to:

  • modify the intended spaces with objects that “multiply” their characteristics, thus replacing the walls. Using for example rolls of giant spools, large kites, etc;

  • create "narratives" which coordinate different types of work by means more or less close to the scenographic decorations;

  • carry out collective works programs;

  • create sculptures on the roofs around energy and the environment.