The Stalagnauts
(for astronauts and stalactites)

This series draws on my earlier work on the spheres. The latter takes note of the freedom that a universalist vision offers, when the perception of the dimension in which we operate would remain open to the outside, to the infinites and without any boundaries of being in the cosmos. A de facto culture specific to our historical period and to the feeling of our life on Earth. Some give hypotheses of transhumanism, others change the name of our planet to Ocean, and still others envisage original connections.
This series results from the combination of landscape with character, the effects of movements and stalactites on drawn spheres. The landscapes taken from drones allow me to play with various perspectives from the perpendicular height to relate the elements of each collage. The height thus proposed gives an impression of 3 rd dimension to flat images which are only so in the 2 nd. This optical choice allows me to reiterate in turn the meaning of the proposed combinatorics.
These styling exercises also consist of placing movement for himself and for the characters of the astronauts. It is a way of thinking in shorthand about the place and role of the figure in its context. Playfully linking these works to a whole figurative tradition of the landscape. And thus fulfilling my other current objective, which is to show places through forms or created works such as my spheres, my Oblò or these stalagnauts: the new uomo erectus of our time?